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Roadex Wave – Latvian wave riding championship 2012

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Roadex Wave – Latvian wave riding championship 2012

UNREAD_POST Bull 19 Rgs 2012 16:23

When a normal person shuts all doors and windows, a wave rider takes his equipment and goes in the water to step forward the storm.

In one of the windiest days of September or October when forecast will show at least 10m/s Latvian wave riding championship „Roadex Wave“ will be held. Competition day will be chosen from Wednesday to Sunday, and announced no later that two days before.

Event is going to happen in Liepaja’s „Palmbeach“. In this spot waves are coming close to the coast so it´s going to be easier for judges and spectators to see performance of riders. As an alternative spot for „Roadex Wave“ is chosen Pavilosta beach.

There’s a homepage http://www.roadexwave.lv, where everyone can follow the actual information for competition, location and date. During and after event all the pictures, videos, comments and publications will be available there. Pictures and videos will be taken from the coast and as well from the water.
Not only our neighbors from Lithuania and Estonia, but also world-class wave riders from other countries are invited to this event. It will improve level of Latvia’s windsurfer’s skills and level of this championship. The race organizers, thanks to supporters, for the first time offers cash prizes - 600 EUR. It's a good motivation for sailors to compete and that makes an interesting show.
Waiting for the wind!

More information:

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+371 26529820
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